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What is an interview -- get the job you want with these tips for interviews

Ever asked yourself 'What is an interview?' Well, basically, it's just a meeting between you and a prospective employer so that both sides can figure out if there is an advantage in working with each other. It's an opportunity for both parties to see if there are enough reasons to associate with each other. Judgment flows in both directions.

If you are applying to any relatively responsible position today, you are likely to face more than one meeting. That's one of the key tips for interviews. There are job hunters who went through even six or seven meetings before finally receiving an offer.

It helps to understand the 'flow' of interviewing and also to get a grasp of the different kinds of interviews you may face. Here's one sequence of interview situations you might face.

  • Interviews with recruitment agents

  • Initial meetings, usually with human resources managers

  • With peers

  • Interviews with your next boss

  • Meetings with senior management

  • Interviews with a board or a group of people

Keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule about the number of interviews or their sequence. The order presented here is sometimes followed, but many of these interviews may not be part of the process, such as interviews with recruitment agents and interviews with peers.

Interviews with a board are not usually part of such a sequence, but have been included to give an understanding of some of the special dynamics involved.

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