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Giving a good answer for interview question - top tips for job interviews

Giving a good answer for interview question does call for some forethought on your part. Make a list of commonly asked queries and think up responses. That alone should take you a long way towards giving a Good answer for interview question. If you can prepare for 75% of the queries, answering the other 25% should be a breeze.

Pick each good answer for interview question and tailor it to your situation. Let's get started.

"Career-wise, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?"

The interviewer is trying to find out whether you have a vision for your career. Plus whether you will stick around for a while.

Give specifics about how you hope to grow professionally picking up new skills and knowledge. You can mention the kind of career progression you envision - maybe you are in sales and you would like to see yourself as heading a region, for example. That's a good answer for interview question.

Also mention some 'big picture' stuff. Eg, you'd like to make a real impact on your industry, or on your company's clients in some manner. And, of course mention that you would like to do this working for your interviewer's company.

"How do you get along with your supervisors?"

This can be a tricky question -- if you choose to make it so. To give a good answer for interview question, respond in a straightforward manner saying that you get along very well with your boss and that you consider your relationship with him to be one of the major positives in your job.

But sometimes, they may ask you to elaborate further. The interviewer may do so either to uncover any difficulty you are having in getting along with people, or to find out what sort of people you are looking to work for.

One way out is to discuss some lessons you learnt from your boss. It is usually true that we learn something of value from all our bosses, and this puts you on safe ground. That would be a good answer for interview question.

Any elaboration you do about your relationship should only be in positive terms. Never hint at serious personality clashes when responding. For an excellent list of common interview questions, check out the previous link.

"How do you most enjoy working - alone or in a group of people?"

Look at the organization, its needs and culture to bring the correct emphasis to the answer. In all cases, you will have to demonstrate that you are good at and comfortable with working in both team situations and in an individual, self-directed manner. Thus, it is best to give a balanced reply.

Demonstrate both situations with examples of how you produced good results under each condition.

"In a group setting, what are you - a leader or a follower?"

This is somewhat similar to the earlier question on working alone versus in a group. As a general rule, it is best to answer this question also with examples of situations where you assumed leadership roles and where you were a good team player.

If you overemphasize your leadership capabilities, it may be assumed that you are not a good team player or worse, that you have problems getting along with people. And for obvious reasons, do not imply that you cannot assume leadership roles either. Hence the need for balance in your reply.

Adequate preparation will allow you to give good answer for interview question every time. And that's really the best tip for job interviews.

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