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Sample interviewing questions you must have good answers to

If you're looking for sample interviewing questions and good answers to them, just click on the previous link. This page looks at issues that lead up to it. And this is important in order to understand the sample interviewing questions in their correct context.

Let's say the employer is convinced that you can actually do the job quite effectively. You have demonstrated that you've done well at similar positions in the past and that you have the specialized knowledge and personal qualities needed to perform the job.

Now the question is, would the company stop there? What else do they need to know? There are definitely more sample interviewing questions to come. This site has both the questions and free interview answers.

The other question they want to answer is - 'Can this person fit in with this company and work?'

This can be a fairly fuzzy question. After all, how do you define something as intangible as 'fit'?

Yet, the fact is, this is important. If they get a feeling you are very competent and knowledgeable but don't really 'belong' in their company, they're unlikely to hire you.

Because they sense that both you and the organization will not be comfortable with each other. As a result, the company might not get the performance levels they're looking for and you may want to leave the organization at the earliest opportunity.

Apart from the question of personal fit, the employer has other considerations like whether the candidate will fit into the salary structure and the organizational level at which the position is envisaged. In many organizations, there is usually room for adjustment in both these considerations, and other issues like job responsibility, etc.

Browse this site for sample interviewing questions and answers. The specific strategies outlined will help you put yourself miles ahead of the competition.

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