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Sample answers for secretarial interviews

This site has a number of sample answers secretarial interview for you. Browse through the articles listed and find out more. Let's look at a specific question and possible sample answers secretarial interview.

Here's the question: How did you decide to take up this career? Before you read on, take a minute to think through your own response to this question. Here's a sample answer secretarial interview that's effective.

First off, there could be several reasons for asking this question. Some interviewers want to know if you have a career plan in the first place. Others want to know if you have given sufficient thought to the process of choosing a career.

Their reasoning is that if you have, then there is a better chance of being committed to this career and growing within it rather than jumping around.

One of the best possible replies to this question is to briefly touch upon how you have analyzed your work interests, skills, values, etc and arrived at a conclusion about what profession and therefore what career path is suitable for you.

Doing so demonstrates that you have given all necessary thought to the process and therefore you probably have the right 'fit' with what you are doing.

Employers know that people can generally perform well only in careers that suit them. So this question is one of the most revealing they can ask to find out if this career path is right for you, or are you just bluffing your way through.

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