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The best advice when preparing for a job interview

Often, the missing ingredients in preparing for a job interview are attitude and confidence. Most job seekers believe that the only one with anything worthwhile to offer is the employer. That's a huge mistake when preparing for a job interview. It undermines your confidence like nothing else.

Realize that you are potentially a problem solver, a trouble-shooter for your employer and that they will gain even more than you if they employ you (assuming you do a good job, of course). That'll automatically generate confidence when preparing for a job interview. That's one of the most useful tips for interviews you'll ever get.

And once you do a thorough job of preparation like what is outlined throughout this site, you will be in a position to convey this clearly to your interviewers. You should come across almost as if you are an insider'- someone who works there and has solutions to key problems.

You will actually be in a position to direct the course of the interview and strongly influence the final decision.

How do you sell something effectively to others? By being 'sold' on that yourself first, as you know! In other words, you need to be convinced of the worth of the services or goods being offered for sale if you are to do an effective job of selling.

Similarly, you need to have a strong dose of confidence in yourself, before you can expect the interviewers to have confidence in you. The roots of such confidence lie in effective preparation for every aspect of the interview.

When that's done, consistently giving a good answer for interview question comes naturally.

In an ongoing job search, you can expect to be rejected several times before you find a job opening that you like. This can be a drain on your confidence. This is where your active intention to remain confident, despite all the tough situations that may be thrown at you, is of tremendous help.

It is possible to remain confident and to project that confidence in your manner, voice tone, body language - despite all circumstances.

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