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Check out these free interview answers to two of the most common questions you'll come across in your job hunt. Remember, effective preparation is crucial to success - that's one of the best tips for interviews. If you go through these free interview answers, you'll get a good idea of how to prepare effectively.

The first question: "Tell me about yourself." This is the classic opener. Many sample interviewing questions you see are just variations -- "Tell me about your background', 'Tell me your story', or even 'Who are you?' The same types of free interview answers can cover all those questions.

Don't start with your school and college days, ramble on about various jobs, etc. Instead, try responding with something like this very effective free interview answer.

Mark owns an events management company. He is always on the lookout to expand his business. A medium-size technology company is meeting him to discuss having his company do a special promotion.

Though this is not a job interview, the situation is exactly similar - Mark has to sell himself and his work to the client. Here is Mark's response to the opener question.

"I'm an events planner. I often say I'm someone who creates memorable promotional events to help my clients do good business.

"Recently, my company organized a special Japanese cultural evening on behalf of that country's Consulate. We created a setting similar to that of a Japanese village, with traditional music and authentic Japanese food. The Consulate expressed its happiness at the event's success and wrote a strong letter of appreciation.

"I've been in this field now for 8 years and have a number of repeat clients, including ABC Technologies, Infiniti Styles and XYZ media. About three quarters of my revenues are from repeat clients.

"I've organized shareholder meetings, theme parties, product launches and other events. As a result, I have an excellent ability to co-ordinate complex activities, lead people to perform as a team and get results - all within tight time and budget constraints.

"My clients have told me that they continue to hire me because they see me as dependable and able to deliver what they want. I now want to work with mid-size firms where such promotions can have a tangible, immediate impact. That's why I am interested in your company.

"That's the brief background! Actually, I've covered many things. What particular areas would you like to know more about?'"

See how powerful that response is? Always use this kind of answer - that's a terrific tip for interviews.

Second question: What are your weaknesses? Here's another of the free interview answers.

Fact: everyone has weaknesses. So don't say you have none!

Talk about a weakness that is not central to the job you are interviewing for.

For example, if you are interviewing for the position of a sports writer, do not say it takes you a long time to put your thoughts into writing!

Choose a weakness that can be fairly easily remedied. E.g. talk about specific knowledge in an area, and not a personality trait / key skill.

For example, if the target organization is using a particular software package you are not familiar with, you might use that as a weakness. Provided working on that package is not central to your job!

Always state what you are doing to remedy the weakness. For example, you might mention that you are attending night classes about that software.

These free interview answers turn both questions into opportunities to promote yourself. And that's one of the best tips for interviews to keep in mind.

Discover the tricks to answering all interview questions...guaranteed!

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