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Job interview -- only a disciplined approach works

The job interview is a crucial stage in your search for employment. Follow a systematic process to produce a specific result - one or more job offers of the right kind. It pays to have a disciplined approach, even before landing a job interview.

If you are unemployed, having a schedule becomes even more critical at the pre job interview stage. Because you begin to believe that there is always another day. You'll put off the hard work till tomorrow.

But tomorrow never comes.

If you are unemployed, think of your job search as a full time job in itself. Clear out specific chunks of each day, five or six days as week, where you will focus only on your job search and on nothing else.

In any case, if you were in a job, you will have to discipline yourself in such a manner, so why not do it now and reap the rewards?

Read one or more good newspapers and general magazines. But also read technical / professional journals and publications in your area of specialization regularly. Read up on tips for interviews. Check out excellent free interview answers available.

When you appear at an interview, you want to be well informed and up-to-date on all aspects of your profession. That calls for regular action on your part.

Doing well at a job interview calls for a reasonable amount of preparation. Use the chunks of time you have cleared out, for this purpose. Be punctual about the process and do not delay, at any cost.

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