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Job interview skills -- the amazing power of stepping back to evaluate

Your job interview skills arsenal should include the ability to evaluate a job offer correctly. It's usually a big mistake to accept a job offer at an interview itself, before you have had a chance to review the offer and think about it. Make sure you develop the job interview skills on this score.

Be systematic in thinking through the information you have obtained about the organization during the interview process and your earlier research. This should be part of your job interview skills repertoire.

You should accept offers on the spot only in highly unusual or compelling circumstances. This is among the most useful tips for interviews.

Even when a written offer is sent to you, take the time - at least a few days, to think about and evaluate the offer.

Evaluate all parameters of the offer. Starting with the specific kind of job they may have offered you. This is sometimes a big surprise and it is not unknown for companies to offer you a job which is different from what you thought you were applying for.

If you are unclear as to what it really means, by all means pick up the phone, ask to meet the right person and discuss it. Again, when you meet him or her, do not accept the offer on the spot!

The salary / compensation package is another big area. You need to focus on two aspects at least - the cash compensation you receive and the non-cash perks that are offered.

The cash compensation usually has a fixed and a variable component, the latter depending on your performance, the organization's profitability and other factors.

Is the compensation in line with what others in similar functions are getting, others in similar jobs in other companies are getting? Use your network to find out ballpark figures so that you have a basis for arriving at a conclusion.

The offer usually also has other details like location, travel requirements, transferability, hours of work, probation period, etc. Read through the entire offer document carefully and discuss it with trusted friends, if necessary, to help you evaluate the offer correctly.

If you feel dissatisfied with any of the terms, get back to the organization, explain what's not acceptable to you and try to arrive at an acceptable solution. Organizations usually have some degree of flexibility in many areas. The ability to negotiate should always be part of your job interview skills.

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