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The real job interview preparation secret

If there's any one thing many folks fail to utilize well in their job interview preparation, it's the power of networks. From an employer's perspective, all jobs would ideally be filled by referrals. Not through advertisements. That fact makes a big difference to your job interview preparation.

When a candidate referred by someone who is known and trusted by the employer, the latter invariably feels that there's lower risk in hiring him. Useful tips for interviews.

Hiring is a long and often expensive process. At the end of it all, there is the risk that the company may hire the wrong person for the job who makes a mess of it.

Then the company is faced with the painful prospect of having someone who is a drain on the organization's resources and perhaps having to fire him, which is even more painful.

That's why they would rather use their referral network to hire someone about whom something is known.

That's the first reason to cultivate and use your network. The fact is, a lot of jobs get filled this way, and this if often how the best jobs go.

From the job hunter's point of view, a job search can be a very frustrating process. You start out all confident and set to conquer the world. Then you find that you land very few interviews and perhaps no offers for a long time. It beings to feel like a hopeless task.

Many people go through emotional hills and valleys in their job hunt. But having such an outlook is not very productive.

This is where your support system - your spouse, parents, friends, etc - come in useful. These people can buck you up, help you tide over the low spots and enjoy the high spots even more.

Another area where your network of contacts is very useful is in your job interview preparation. There is nothing like information from an industry insider to know about the real facts about a company.

Apart from information gathering, your network can sometimes provide you with useful feedback about your skills, strengths and weaknesses.

But above all, its your network that can often help you land your dream job. So tapping into your network should definitely be part of your job interview preparation.

There are lots of reasons why you need to actively use your network and support system!

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