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Before searching for job interview answers, discover what they're really looking for

There are three basic questions you need job interview answers for. First, 'Can this person do the job?' Second, 'Will he fit in?' And the third question, 'Does he want to work here?' You need job interview answers to this query as well.

Very likely, you won't be asked those questions in that form. But if you look at it, all the job interview answers you give are essentially responses to one or the other of the above three. You'll find more than one interview question list on this site and all queries fit into one of the three 'slots'.

Let's look at you needing to convince the employer that yes, you really do want to work for them.

It is, of course, normal for people to say that they really want the job and that they are very keen to work in this particular organization. Saying so is enough to set you apart from others vying for the job.

The key to getting the interviewer to answer the question about you positively is to have knowledge of the company and the job and present convincing reasons why you want the job, based on this knowledge.

You need to get this information as part of your preparation. You also need to demonstrate that this job and organization will fit in well with your career plan. Hence it is important to have an overall game plan for your career of which this new job is a part.

All the above will be required to convince the employer that you are truly enthusiastic about this job and that you are therefore likely to stick around for a while. You need real job interview answers.

The last thing an employer wants is to hire someone and then have him discover, one month down the line, that this is not really a suitable company or position for him.

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