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Often, the first step with interviewing and recruitment UK is a meeting with hiring agents. Many companies use headhunters to do the initial screening, saving the employer time and effort. You need to think through this while doing interviewing and recruitment.

A headhunter is primarily the employer's agent and not your (the job hunter's) agent. That's important to remember with interviewing and recruitment.

He gets paid by the employer (most of the better ones, anyway) and essentially functions as a gatekeeper. They usually get paid only when the employee is hired, and the fee is generally a percentage of the new hire's annual salary.

But at the same time, the headhunter is also working on your behalf, though to a far lesser extent.

This dual allegiance makes the situation somewhat tricky.

You need to convey a positive impression to the headhunter, so that they will put you on to the employer and set up an interview. You want them to be able to present your case to the employer.

Recruitment agents are typically generalists and thus, your interview with them is likely to focus on general information about yourself. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments as well.

Sometimes, you may come across recruiting agents who have extensive knowledge about your industry, either by their having worked in it or having been associated with it. In such cases, your interview with them may be more technical, focusing on nuances of your profession.

Your approach to a recruiter must be positive, yet tempered with a good dose of caution. Recruiters often have assignments to fill, on which they earn large commissions, and they may well try to get you to go into positions for which you are not very well suited.

So in interviewing and recruitment uk, you need to double check anything positive they say about a potential employer or job.

In any case, make sure that you are not bulldozed into accepting or even considering positions that you feel are not right for you. You are the final judge of whether something is right for you, not the headhunter.

That's a key notion to keep in mind for interviewing and recruitment UK. Go thru this site for tons of ideas on job interviews.


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