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List of interview secretarial questions and more

You'll find a list of common interview secretarial questions below. The first step is to do background research on the company. Then find answers to these interview secretarial questions so that you can present your background and skills in a manner that ties in with what the company is looking for.

As you can see, the following interview secretarial questions cover many facets of the candidate's background and experience.

* Tell me something about yourself. (This is a powerful opportunity for you - see this page for some real-life interview answers on how to respond.)
* What do you bring to the table?
* What have your bosses pointed out as your worst weaknesses?
* What kind of person would you like to work for?
* Tell me about a stressful work situation you faced and how you handled it.
* What is it about your present job (or past job) that you liked least? Why?
* How do you see your career progressing in the next five years?
* What is it about our company that appeals to you?
* How do you like handling routine or tedious tasks at your job?
* Is there anything you want to ask us?

Do your preparation and research well. That'll help you answer these interview secretarial questions very effectively. Plus, this site has many articles that can help you.

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