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Making the most of an interview rejection letter

An interview rejection letter is something you'd rather not get! If you follow the tips and strategies outlined throughout this site, you minimize your chances of getting one. But if you do get an interview rejection letter, how do you deal with it in a manner that maximized your chances of success in future?

There are several things you can do, once you get an interview rejection letter. Here's one of the best tips for interviews -- directly after the meeting, you should make notes about the whole experience.

Jot down questions asked, how you answered them, what they seemed interested in, what their areas of concern were about your candidature, etc.

You would have utilized those notes for sending effective interview thank you letters to all interviewers. Now, you should review your notes and try to pinpoint where you could have done even better.

This one step alone should better your chances in your next job interview.

To take it even further, call up one of the interviewers. Choose someone with whom you seemed to have a good rapport during the meeting.

Tell him that you've received the interview rejection letter and purely as a matter of professional knowledge, would like to know the reasons why they did not select you. You'll be surprised at the number of people who do open up and let you in onto a few clues, at least.

And that's pure gold for you. It helps your prepare and strategize much better for your job hunt. That's how you can make the most of an interview rejection letter.


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