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Interview reasons for leaving a job that make sense

If you're currently in a job, you certainly need to have a good interview reason for leaving (or wanting to leave) that job. The key is to always present it with a positive slant. Even if you're now unemployed, you need to have interview reasons for leaving your last job.

Interview reason for leaving a job can include wanting to take on greater responsibilities, faster professional growth, wanting a position that makes use of particular skills that you are good at and enjoy and more.

There can be other reasons like family matters necessitating a move to a different location, your company running into financial problems and having to resort to large scale layoffs, etc.

You will have to demonstrate that even when you are leaving for better responsibilities, you have made all efforts in your present company to get a similar enhanced position. That will display your initiative and more importantly, will demonstrate that you treat your employers fairly.

That's the best way to present an interview reason for leaving.

The interviewer should never get an impression that you are prone to looking out based on a sudden whim and without exploring all possibilities at the place where you are. Those would be real interview bloopers.

You can mention how you have spoken to your bosses about your aspirations and presented specific ways you can add value in a new role, etc, before starting to look for a job.

As you can see, you can present an interview reason for leaving jobs in a manner that's acceptable to the new employer.

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