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These sample interview questions for administrative supervisor positions can put you ahead of the pack

Take the time to review these interview questions for administrative supervisor jobs. Do some background research on the company and industry. Think through the best possible answers. This site is loaded with tips for interviews and can help you figure out the best ways for answering interview questions - administrative supervisor.

Here are several interview questions - administrative supervisor you should think up tailor-made answers to.

Tell me about yourself.
This is a classic job interview opener. This page on free interview answers will help you craft an excellent response.

Give an example of a mistake you made.
Your best bet is to select one that is not a very serious error of judgment. It should be more or less related to your work, but not a critical mistake that causes huge problems.

What's your definition of success?
Most of the time, this question is asked at job interviews to get a feel for your values and whether you'll fit into the company. Compare what you really want with what you think the company will value, based on your previous research. If you think there's too much of a conflict, perhaps you're better off looking for a job elsewhere!

What salary level are you looking for?
Try not to be the first one to bring up the issue of money. But if you are asked this question, don't avoid it, but do avoid stating a precise dollar amount. You might perhaps mention that your salary requirements are in line with the norm for the position and that you believe you can come to an understanding with them.

What's your biggest accomplishment till date?
Your research would have uncovered the company's biggest needs in relation to the position you're applying for. Choose something in your past work that demonstrates that you have the strengths they're looking for.

These are typical interview questions for administrative supervisor positions as well as for others. Browse this site for more inputs.

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