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What to wear for a job interview - the untold story

Why should you bother with what to wear for a job interview? Because a book is judged by its cover, that's why! Sure, it's not fair. But the fact remains that your decision about what to wear for a job interview has a direct impact on whether you're hired by that employer or not.

Is there a simple rule of thumb to follow for most employment interviews? It turns out there is. Here it is - find out what people in the industry / profession are wearing and then to dress slightly more conservatively. It works. And it simplifies your decision on what to wear for a job interview.

The exact attire of course, depends on the company and job you're looking at. If you're an archeologist interviewing with a senior archeologist on a field location, you might well dress quite casually. It's entirely different if you're a financial expert interviewing with a major bank.

If your industry calls for it, maintain a formal wardrobe of high quality, somewhat expensive clothes which you use only for special purposes like interviews. That should make it easier to choose what to wear for a job interview.

Another job interview tip is to keep your dressing appropriate to the level / position you're targeting. In particular, if you want a job at a higher level than you are currently, your dressing and demeanor must reflect your readiness to step into the new position.

Conservative, old time industries like banking, consulting, law and many others require you to dress in a sober fashion, with subtle, understated colors.

Other newer industries do permit you to dress more boldly, using casual colors and styles. But an interview is never an occasion for sloppy or flashy dressing. So do pay attention to your choices on attire for a job interview.

If you're uncomfortable with formal dressing, dress that way several times before your interview. That'll build up your comfort level.

If you have purchased a new suit or dress, wear it at least once before the interview. You must be relaxed at the interview.

These simple guidelines should help you decide what to wear for a job interview.

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