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Utilize these tips for interviews to ace your next job interview

One of the best tips for interviews is to ask 'What are they really looking for?' It boils down to a few fundamentals. Here's an exercise to help you see things from the employer's viewpoint. This is one of the most useful tips for interviews.

Imagine that you are an employer. You want to hire a few people to fill critical vacancies. Well, the candidate may be thinking up various tips for interviews and good answer for interview question. But what's going through your (the employer's) head?

Let's say you are a small business owner making and selling automobile spare parts and want to hire someone to head your manufacturing operations. You already have a staff of 35 people in your manufacturing setup and now need someone who can plan, oversee and run the whole operation.

Now, you have a job applicant is sitting in front of you, in your cabin.

What's the first thing you want to know?

Obviously, the number one question in your mind is - 'Can this person do the job?'

The candidate must provide hard evidence that he or she really can do the job. He has to provide enough examples of his experience and accomplishments which can prove that he can do it.

Remember, you as the employer do not spend your money on salaries and all kinds of expenses on a new employee just so that a 'position' can be 'filled'. You are looking for specific, tangible results when you hire that person.

The candidate's job is therefore to convince the employer that he can produce those results, and base this claim on what he has done in the past. Very useful tips for interviews.

Next question: what constitutes evidence that your candidate can do the job?

One is obviously knowledge of the area that he or she must work in, in this case, manufacturing auto spares. This knowledge can come from two sources.

It could come from the candidate's academic background such as, in this case, a degree in mechanical or automobile engineering. Relevant knowledge can also come from the candidate having worked in the same or closely related areas. It is evident that specific knowledge relevant to your field is one of the first things you (as the employer) will look for.

Always think from the company's viewpoint -- that's one of the best tips for interviews you will receive. See the previous link for specifics on how to ace job interviews.

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