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Keep these tips in mind when teaching job interview techniques

Before you set out teaching job interview techniques, browse through this site for the best tips for interviews. Let's look at some of the real basics that are critical for success. Teaching job interview techniques becomes a whole lot easier if you keep these firmly in mind.

There are three key questions every company wants to know about each job hunter before they'll consider hiring her. In fact, these questions can make teaching job interview techniques a whole lot more logical.

First question: Can she do the job? Can she produce evidence to that effect?

The candidate's role in job interviews is to provide hard evidence that she can indeed do the job. She has to provide enough examples of her experience and accomplishments which can prove that she can do it.

That's the first thing to remember in teaching job interview techniques.

The candidate's job is therefore to convince the employer that she can produce those results, and base this claim on what she has done in the past.

Second question: Can she fit in with my organization and work?

If a company gets a feeling that the candidate is very competent but does not 'belong' in the company, they're unlikely to hire her.

If that person gets the job, she might end up leaving the company at the earliest opportunity.

Third question: Does she want the job?

Merely saying that she wants the job is often not sufficient to set her apart from others.

The key is to have knowledge of the company and the job and present convincing reasons why you want the job, based on this knowledge. She also needs to demonstrate that this job will fit in well with her career plan.

In other words, she needs to do quality research before ever stepping into a job interview.

The above questions should give you a solid structure for teaching job interview techniques. Pick up more tips for interviews throughout this site.

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