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Enhance your chances with this sample question and answer for interviews

Read through the following sample question and answer interview to get a good idea of how to respond to questions. Hunting successfully for a job depends on careful preparation. Use this sample question and answer interview and the info on other pages to get off to a great start.

Here's a common question to start you off on your sample question and answer interview: How have your job responsibilities changed over the last five years?

Very often, people take on additional responsibilities in their existing role within the company, but with no change in their job title. So this is an excellent opportunity for highlighting how you've taken up more responsibilities, if that was the case.

Even if your job title did change, this question gives you a great chance to show how you have advanced in responsibilities and contribution. Emphasize the additional results you created rather than just the job titles.

This will show you as someone who can now take on higher responsibilities than your job title warrants.

Here's another common query for a sample question and answer interview: Tell me how you handled a major challenge at your current job.

This question can come in many flavors. 'Tell me how you demonstrated a lot of initiative', 'Show me an example of your management skills', 'Give me an example of how you solved a complex problem', etc.

Before the interview, you should prepare a number of 'achievement profiles'. These are basically stories which highlight your accomplishments.

Each achievement profile should have three parts -- situation, actions and results. The situation is the problem you faced. The action is what you did to respond to the situation and turn it around. When speaking of results, be as specific as possible -- numbers, quantities, etc. Prepare about 5 - 6 such stories for the job interview.

To respond to the question above, just pick one achievement profile that seems a good fit and talk about it.

This sample question and answer interview should get you started off on the right track. You'll find additional free interview answers on various other pages.

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