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Use this sample of employment application to create yours

There's more than one good example of a sample of employment application. The following is one that has produced interview calls. As you will notice, this employment application focuses on the results delivered.

That's how it should be to create credibility in the reader's mind. Always speak in terms of specifics and you'll come out ahead when modeling this sample application.

It's assumed that this is not for a specific position in a specific company. That would have made the task a whole lot easier.

I'm applying for a position where 8 years of high-technology sales experience would be of direct use to your company. Please consider the following facts:
  • I'm currently a Territory Manager and I lead and motivate 12 sales representatives, with the skills gained in over 8 years on the front line. While doing so, I've personally sold over $ 2.5 million in high-tech products during each of the past 4 years.
  • My sales experience will be of immediate use to you. It covers all phases of the sales process, from market-mapping and prospecting to closing and ongoing relationship building. Because of the exceptionally high service levels I provide, about 40% of my sales are from repeat customers.
  • I've conceptualized, helped create and marketed innovative product packages to a previously untapped market segment. This new offering pulled in $750,000 in sales over the last 10 months.

I'd like to put my skills and experience to work for you. Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx to set up a meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

You'll create a strong impact if you model your letter on the above sample of employment application. Remember to focus on results, supported by facts and numbers, all focused on benefits the employer will gain.

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