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Sample interview follow up letters that boost your response rates

Looking for sample interview follow up letters? Check out this simple, straightforward format given below. Something as brief as this can increase your chances quite dramatically.

Why? Because most job hunters will not send ANY thank you letter at all! So if you follow the example of sample interview follow up letters like this one, you're automatically ahead of the pack! Amazing, isn't it?

Ok, onto the sample interview follow up letters.

Dear (Name),

I'd like you to know that I'm highly interested in the (name of position) position we discussed this morning. Going by your needs for (put in brief description of job) you mentioned, I'm sure my experience (or skills - choose what's appropriate) in (mention 2 - 4 skills) will be of direct use to you.

In any case, I'd like to thank you for your time. It was a pleasure meeting you and (mention names of all other interviewers).

If you need any additional information to arrive at a decision, please let me know. Based on what you mentioned, I'll call you by (insert date) to know where you stand in your decision process.

Ending salutation, your name, etc.

Two points you should note:
1. Send the letter to ALL the interviewers individually.
2. Send it the same day or at most the next day.

To know more about sample interview follow up letters, go to the previous link. Get all info on how to ace that job interview!

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