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A reference services interview (or any other job interview) make the best of us feel powerless and at a major disadvantage. Because it seems that the interviewers hold all the cards and have the ability to unilaterally decide about whether you get the job or not. Actually, a reference services interview is not as bad as all that.

On the top of it, a reference services interview brings out a great fear in most people - the fear of rejection. Apparently there are few things more painful than to know that you have been rejected for something. If you are rejected for a job, it appears to be a judgment on your worth as a person.

The very thought of going for an interview leaves many people feeling exhausted.

With so much that can go against you, no wonder you feel that interviews are stressful!

This site is designed to make the actual event much more pleasant and at the same time, to vastly increase your chances of success at job interviews. The ideas and action plans here can help you think constructively about interviews and tell you exactly what steps will get you the results you want.

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