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Use peer interviewing to your advantage in your job hunt

Peer interviewing is an additional twist that is sometimes added to the hiring process. These are the people who you would normally be working with shoulder to shoulder. Peer interviewing may seem a bit strange for that reason, but is used by many companies.

Since they are people more or less at your level, peer interviewing is usually less formal and unstructured. However, you need to treat these seriously as well.

One common mistake is that of being too familiar, thinking that these are people at your level anyway. Do not step out of your boundaries in these interviews.

Its best to follow the lead set by the peers when you respond. In other words, match the level of formality or informality that they put on, kinds of information discussed, etc when talking to them.

Keep in mind that this is an interview, despite appearances of informality and whatever you say will be heard and evaluated by the managers in charge of hiring (those above your peers).

One advantage of peer interviewing is that because of a less formal atmosphere, you can try to get a better understanding of what it is really like to work in the organization and what their current concerns are.

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