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Breakthrough job interviewing techniques

The best job interviewing techniques are those that help separate you from the pack. That's what you use interview strategies for.

You'll find this site jam-packed with useful, proven job interviewing tips. Here are two interview strategies you can put to use at your next meeting. Check out the impact for yourself - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Here's the first job interviewing strategy - let them know that you really want the job!

You know how most people end an interview? The interviewer tells them that he will get back to them and they say a polite 'thank you' and exit from the scene.

That's the wrong way to end interviews.

If you were in love with someone and wanted to marry him or her, don't you think that at some point you would say those three magic words to that person - 'I love you'?

Those words are a signal of your commitment and willingness to be there for the other person.

Similarly, in an interview, you stand a far better chance if you tell them "I want to be part of your team. I want the job.'

This one statement can propel you ahead of others who may have shown great skills at the interview, but gave no unequivocal statement of their commitment. Use these words, or something similar while looking straight at the interviewer.

Here's another strategy: Get other employees to talk about you.

One of the best recommendations you can possibly get is from somebody in the hiring manager's 'inner circle' - another employee.

Here's what you can do. During the interview, ask the hiring manager if it will be possible to meet one or two of his team members. Very often, this request will be met positively. One reason is that the interviewer is probably very busy and will be glad to drop you off onto someone else, once the interview is over.

When you meet one of his team members, use a similar approach to what you used with the interviewer. Ask about their work, ask what major problems do they currently face.

Demonstrate your usefulness and Let them know you have a good degree of knowledge of their business. But use this job interviewing technique tactfully - don't sound like a 'know-it-all'.

If they are favorably impressed with you, they may well end up talking to the hiring manager. You'd be surprised at how often such a thing happens, if you do the above.

The hiring manager will definitely be influenced by feedback from his team.

These are killer job interviewing techniques. Use them and prosper!

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