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Job interviewing tips -- the worst thing you can do in interviews

Job interviewing tips on what to avoid are at least as important as those on what to do! Do you know how to create a strong negative impression at interviews? It's simple. Just complain about everything. Make yourself known as a whiner.

You must have come across people who constantly complain about their organizations, their job, their boss, their home -- about anything and everything. Avoiding this approach is one of the best job interviewing tips you'll get.

It's like such folks deliberately jump into a deep pit from which there is no escape.

What do most people feel towards this kind of person? Usually, it's a sense of repulsion, of wanting to avoid that person or that kind of conversation. That's true, even when the listener appears to enjoy such talk.

Even a highly watered down version of this behavior is disastrous in an interview. If you complain about the relationship with your boss, about your work, organization, etc, you end up being perceived negatively by the interviewer.

To the fullest extent possible, therefore, avoid negatives creeping into the interview.

Occasionally, there may be times when you genuinely had a problem which may come up for discussion in the interview. Perhaps the work culture did not suit you, or you had serious differences of opinion with your senior management.

When you do have to discuss a negative, keep a positive attitude about it. Try to respond in a calm, objective manner, without sounding bitter or angry about such events. See this page for more job interviewing tips.

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