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What's the essence of all job interview tips?

Among the myriad job interview tips available, is there one element that's absolutely critical for success? It turns out there is. This ingredient marks the difference between those who seem to find jobs easily and those who don't.

This element can be summed up in two words -- be prepared! That's the most important of all job interview tips you'll find. That's what will enable you to always give a good answer for interview question and land that choice job.

Too many people assume that they can just show up for a job interview without any preparation and just breeze through to success. Well, that happens.

However, preparation is what enables you to convey persuasively that you can add real value to your new workplace. The interviewers need to be convinced that you can solve their problems and help them achieve their goals.

As with everything else, laying the groundwork for a good interview experience is your responsibility - and not anyone else's.

What is good preparation?

Thinking up all the questions that you may be asked and preparing answers? Or getting to know every possible detail about the company?

Well, there are two problems with such efforts. First, they are incomplete. They may, at best, get you part of the way down the path of being well prepared.

Secondly, there is the danger of losing yourself in tiny details. Like figuring out what the CEO likes to drink after dinner or memorizing all the figures on the company's annual report. Such exercises are usually not very helpful.

The best job interview tips go beyond that. What preparation means is having a clear-cut approach or strategy. It means laying the groundwork and preparing to showcase yourself, your skills and your accomplishments in relation to what the company wants.

Read through the main pages and other articles on this site for a highly effective approach to interviews. You'll get terrific job interview tips to help you to succeed.

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