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Did you know that violating basic job interview techniques and ideas have gotten candidates rejected at interviews? The little things do matter. For instance, a cordial attitude to everyone you come across conveys the right impression. One of many simple but crucial job interview techniques.

This includes the people you meet in the office other than the interviewer - the receptionist and other people who may interact with you. Useful and practical tips for interviews.

The best way is to make this a way of life - by being cordial to people everywhere, saying 'thank you' as a standard part of your vocabulary wherever it is called for. Obviously, job interview techniques are useful everywhere!

When making small talk at the start of the interview, stick to neutral topics. Topics to avoid include religion, politics, personal questions, heavy topics like illnesses, death, etc.

Once you enter the interview room, sit down only after you are invited to do so.

If you lean forward slightly in your chair, that usually conveys an impression of interest on your part. Keep your feet resting comfortably on the floor, preferably flat on the floor.

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If you are coming in from another city, do not carry your baggage with you. Leave it at your hotel, or at the very least, in the cloakroom or reception area. You can, of course, carry a single small briefcase, or a handbag, in the case of women.

Ensure that you are there about 5 to 10 minutes early. Try not to arrive too early, though. If you are going to be late, definitely call them and inform them.

Above all, keep perspective. Realize that your entire future does not depend on this one interview. Getting a good job to some extent is a numbers game and you may miss many shots before you land what you want. That's normal and it's not something you need to worry about.

The right mental stance is definitely part of effective job interview techniques.

Ask for the business card of the person you are meeting. This is important for your follow up process, especially when you send a thank you note after the interview.

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