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Use these ideas to hone your job interview skills in Australia or anywhere else

Polish up your job interview skills in Australia with the awesome tips and tricks on this site. Careful preparation is at the heart of a successful hunt for a new employer. There are, of course, many areas that your preparation needs to cover, but let's look at a key one when it comes to job interview skills.

You need to unearth relevant information about the company you're meeting. Your effectiveness at doing this is a measure of your job interview skills in Australia and elsewhere and had a direct bearing on getting another job.

Here's what you need to find out.

  • The position of the company in its industry.

  • The product / service range.

  • Its history. Recent trends in sales growth and profitability. Any adverse developments, negative reports in the press.

  • Management's reputation. In these troubled times, it is a good idea to get a feel for the integrity of the company's leaders, if that's possible.

  • Main competitors.

  • What are the likely future areas of expansion and growth for the company?

  • What are the key challenges facing the organization? Are these the same ones facing the industry? What are the critical problems that are unique to this company?

  • What kind of work culture does the company have? What kind of employees do they want?

  • What do people working there think about the company? What is their level of satisfaction with the organization? (There may not be an easy way to unearth this information. Your network may, in some cases, provide such details. But do make the effort to find out everything you can).

  • Think of other relevant information you want to gather about the company.

You will have to go well beyond the company's website and annual report to find out all this info. But it's an effort worth making, since this will set you apart from the other applicants. And you'll convince your employers that you can make a real contribution.

Knowing how to research a company will definitely enhance your job interview skills in Australia and around the world.

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