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The mind-game called interviewing

Interviewing is a mental game. And there are a couple of questions to ask yourself. Are you trying to avoid failure? Or are you trying to ensure success? How you answer these questions has a lot to do with your interviewing success.

If your definition of success is to be able to say that you never failed, you probably have the wrong definition of success. It's worthwhile to keep that above all other job interview tips when you're worried about failure.

Human beings seem to be designed to learn by failing. You didn't start cycling perfectly the first time you sat on a bicycle, did you? You had to go through many falls, 'disasters', before you became a good cyclist.

So don't worry if everything does not go perfectly in your interviewing process. Much of it is useful feedback that can keep improving your performance and results. Interview bloopers are good teachers.

Your focus should not be 'I want to avoid a disastrous failure at any cost.' Your focus should be on doing everything possible to ensure success. You are seeking to create an extraordinarily good interview experience.

So, visualize success! We usually attract what we focus on. So focus on the right things! And interviewing is something you'll win at, in the manner you want.


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