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Interviewing techniques you never thought of using

It's often simple but highly effective interviewing techniques that separate the men from the boys. Of course, good preparation is critical to success. And this site has many excellent job interview tips on preparing well.

But over and above that, the right interviewing techniques can definitely put you ahead. Here are two that you can use right away. Don't worry if at least one of them seems unconventional.

These tactics are proven to get results, if done well.

Here's one of the killer interviewing techniques - have your references call the interviewer!

This is real dynamite.

It works if you have at least one ex-employer (it could also be a college professor or someone of good standing) for whom you did excellent work and who thinks very highly of you.

Get this person to call the interviewer and say something like this: "This is Paul Wilson from Universal Systems. I'm calling regarding Mr. (your name), who has asked me to be his reference.

"Normally, I would wait for you to call me, but I don't think we need such formality. (Your name) used to work with me at my company. I was really thrilled to have him work for me and thought I'd let you know what a great asset he would be for your company…"

Now obviously, you need to have someone who really thinks very highly of you and who you can approach for such a reference. But if you can at all pull it off, it will leave an unforgettable impression on the mind of the person responsible for hiring you.

How many other job hunters do you think will be doing this? Zippo. None.

Another technique you should use at job interviews - ask what the next step is!

Never leave an interview without asking what the next step is. Perhaps it may be another round of interviews, if so ask to know with whom and in what timeframe.

Repeat this at each interview you go to and if you get to the final one, ask to know when you can expect to hear back from them.

This is another small, but significant way to demonstrate your interest in the job. Apart from that, it's highly useful information for you in your follow up efforts, because you must know what to expect and when.

You'll be able to do your follow-up much better than someone who's shooting in the dark without this information. Now go and actually use these proven-to-work interviewing techniques.

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