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Effective interview strategies aim to differentiate you from all the others. That's what the best job interview tips are all about. Think about a recruiter who's seen 12 candidates in a day.

After a few interviews, the questions and answers seem to set into a pattern. He asks similar questions and most candidates answer them similarly. That's when the right interview strategies can cause you to stand out.

This site has lots of job interview strategies that are very effective. Here's one that may seem a bit unusual, but that is precisely what it takes to set you apart from the rest.

Here it is: Ask for a live problem that you can have a shot at solving!

Tell the interviewer that you want him to describe a live problem (related to your work area) that he is facing, so that you can describe how you would go about solving it.

Your solution need not be perfect. That's ok. You are basically demonstrating a couple of things.

One, that you have the confidence and the initiative to ask such a question. And secondly, you imply that you care enough about the work and are keen to demonstrate your abilities to come up with solutions.

You are saying that you want to answer the question: What can you do to help the organization and the boss succeed?

When you do this, you are already functioning as an employee. It helps the manager see you as being an insider already.

If the interviewer can visualize you as an employee already, that is a giant leap forward. It will make it easier for him to extend an offer to you. Useful job interview tips!

This is based on a simple principle of psychology - the more we let someone into our 'inner circle', the more we regard him as one of our own.

No one else will likely ask such questions (unless they browse this site!). So interview strategies like this one are perfect ways to differentiate you.

Make sure you have a good understanding of the company, your specific function and what the potential problems may be before using such interview strategies.

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