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Interview guide -- the five steps to surefire job interview success

Check out this interview guide that breaks up what you need to do into five simple, executable steps. You'll also find links to more info on each of the five steps. The pages that follow contain the most effective tips for interviews.

The ultimate objective of interviewing is to get the job that is right for you - one where you can perform at your highest level and where you are happy about what you are doing. That's the core of this interview guide.

Just breezing your way into an interview with no thought or preparation is not a good way of going about it. If you adopt this approach, you leave too much to chance.

You will, in effect, be no different from hundreds or thousands of other guys and gals who are also competing for the same position.

The good news is, there is an approach that can deliver results. Better results than you thought possible. That's what this interview guide aims to help you with.

The bad news is, it calls for a fair amount of discipline. There's no short cut around it - you just have to do the preparatory work, handle the interviews well enough using the techniques suggested and do all the necessary things after the interview. That's not easy for many people.

But you have to decide if success at this game is something you want badly enough. If it is, then determine to pay the price and make the whole effort yield whatever results you decide upon.

Here is a five step framework that has been used very effectively by job seekers in a wide variety of situations.

#1: Understand yourself -- in terms of your work related interests, skills, work values and personal style and come to clear conclusions about what you want.
#2: Get armed and dangerous -- with critical information to put you ahead of competitors.
#3: Create your secret weapons -- your personal career presentation, and contribution profiles.
#4: Develop the right attitude and approach, as well as utilize proven techniques to create success.
#5: Do planned, effective follow up.

That's the brief outline of the comprehensive approach this interview guide takes. Follow the links above for more information.


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