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Behavorial interview -- just the facts

Over the past several years, the behavorial interview format has come to be preferred by many employers. It does have several distinct advantages over a traditional 'directed' format. But first of all, exactly what is a behavorial interview?

Basically a behavorial interview is one where you are asked questions about your actual behavior in various situations - real-life or hypothetical. In a traditional format, they attempt to get the same info by asking for your opinion about something.

Here's an example that should make the difference clear.

A traditional interview might pose a question like 'What are your views of ethics in the workplace?' A corresponding behavioral interview question might be, 'Tell me of a time when you faced an ethical dilemma at work.'

The theory is that it is more difficult to fake a described situation than to express opinions that might be contrary to what you actually believe and how you behave in real-life.

Thus, this type of interview is supposed to give the employer a better insight into the job applicant.

The key to winning at a behavorial interview is to be prepared with a number of actual examples of how you handled work situations. These examples should showcase one or more of your skills and abilities that tie in with what the interviewer is looking for.


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