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Power ahead with the right questions to ask on an interview

You know what's the biggest benefit to having the right questions to ask on an interview? It makes you sound much more professional and proves that you've done your homework well. That's why being prepared with questions to ask on an interview is a great way to power ahead of your competitors.

The lynchpin to successful job hunting is preparation. Do it well and you'll be able to think up many more terrific questions to ask on an interview. See this site for more tips for interviews.

  • Why has this position become available right now?

  • What results do you expect from me in the next 1 year?

  • What factors are important to succeed in this position and this company?

  • What is my career path ahead from this position?

  • How much independence will I have in decision making? What decisions do I need to refer to senior management?

  • What are the biggest challenges facing this job?

  • How many people have held this job over the last three years?

  • What major changes are planned within the company in the near future?

  • What is the company hoping to achieve in the next five years?

  • Going forward, does the company plan to grow organically or through acquisitions?

Think up your own questions to ask on an interview. Your preparatory research will give you ideas.


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