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8 questions to ask during an interview...and demonstrate your interest

Yes, there are questions to ask during an interview! A job interview is not a one-way street, where the interviewer holds all the cards. You have something of great value to offer as well - your time, efforts and contribution. And you will serve your cause best with well-chosen questions to ask during an interview.

Here are eight core questions that should give you better insight into the job and company.

  1. What is the key result you expect from me in this job?

  2. Why is this position open as of now? How many people have held it during the last three years?

  3. What are the biggest obstacles in doing this job?

  4. What changes do you foresee in your company in the near future?

  5. How is this position expected to change in the near future?

  6. How free am I to make key decisions relating to this job? What do I have to refer to my boss / senior management for a decision?

  7. What career progression paths are available from this position?

  8. What factors led to this company's success in the past?

Keep in mind these questions to ask during an interview. They'll help you evaluate the job and company better and let you make wiser choices.

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