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One of the most effective free interview tips is just this -- be yourself! The interviewer needs to connect with you as a person, apart from hearing the technicalities of your skills, etc. For some reason, most tips for interviews gloss over this detail.

There are many folks who go into a job interview and try to behave in what they think is their 'best behavior'.

They sit in a stiff, erect manner, palms resting on their thighs, a perpetual smile on their face, over-eager to please the interviewer and answer any question he may ask.

They never ask the interviewer any questions and zip out of the room with a thank you after the interview is over. The interviewer is left with the impression that the job seeker is someone who does not seem to have a mind of his own.

Just focus on behaving as you normally would, keeping in mind the appropriate level of formality called for on such occasions. Try to establish a genuine rapport with the person you are talking to.

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