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Question: Career-wise, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

You need to think up an answer to this question in advance of the interview. If you have created a specific career action plan, it should be relatively easy to answer it.

Basically, employers are trying to find out whether you have a vision for your career, whether you are committed to this line of work. They also want to get a feel for whether you will stick around for a reasonable period of time.

Of course, the reality is that lots of people leave their jobs in much less than five years, so this question may be a bit hypothetical today!

By the way, do not answer it saying 'In five years' time, I see myself at the top management levels.' (The guy who said this was fresh out of grad school!)

Give some specifics about how you see yourself being in your industry, how you hope to grow professionally picking up new skills and knowledge. You can mention the kind of career progression you hope to have - maybe you are in sales and you would like to see yourself as heading a region, for example.

Also give some big picture stuff, for example, that you'd like to make a real impact on your industry, or on your company's clients in some manner. And, of course mention that you would like to do this working for your interviewer's company.

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