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Effective answers to secretarial interviews

Give some forethought to your answers to secretarial interviews. That's the key to coming out ahead of the competition. A bit of basic research about the company and the job will help you give great answers to secretarial interviews.

Here are some typical questions you'll encounter. Read on to find out how to think of and deliver answers to secretarial interviews.

First question -- Why do you want to choose this company for your next job?

Find out information about the industry - what are the trends, how fast is it growing, range of products and services, etc.

Also gather facts about the company. E.g.: growth trends, products / services it deals in, reputation of its management, main competitors, kind of work culture they have, etc. Find out several things about the company that really appeal to you.

Also try to get the backgrounds of the people interviewing you.

Use the Internet, published sources as well as your network in gathering information.

This will enable you to give answers to secretarial interviews in a manner that sets you apart from all others.

Another question -- What do you do in your spare time?

It is said that a person's hobbies reveal his character better than his work does. So this question may be an attempt to get to know you from a different angle. At the same time, many interviewers ask this question just to make conversation.

As long as you have a solid case in other ways (your contributions, skills, etc) just speak briefly about what interests you without going into a details.

Perhaps you can also ask the interviewer if she has any interest in that hobby. If not, better not to discuss it at length.

Use these ideas to better answer questions at job interviews. And be sure to browse this site for more answers to secretarial interviews.

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