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You can answer to questions in interview situations

It's often difficult to think up a good answer to questions in interview situations on the spur of the moment. That's why there's no substitute for adequate preparation before meeting the company. Here are some ways you might want to answer to questions in interview situations.

You'll find various queries and ways of answering them throughout this site. Let's look at two examples of an answer to questions in interview meetings.

Question: Tell me about a time when you faced an ethical dilemma.

Now this is a real tricky one -- if you let it be so. This type of question is common in behavioral interviews. Your best option is to give an example where you were only an observer and not a participant. Perhaps you became aware of someone violating company policy, cheating, etc.

Be sure to speak in neutral terms; avoid sounding self-righteous. Never reveal names of the parties involved. Show that you spoke to the parties involved and made them aware of the violation before you initiated any sort of legal or disciplinary action.

And do point out what you learnt from the situation. Perhaps you saw a need for better control systems, etc to make sure this did not repeat. This is a good way to answer to questions in interview situations.

Question: Did you do any preparation for this interview?

No need to say no you didn't. The fact that you did prepare for a job interview only shows your professionalism and won't reflect badly on you.

In a matter of fact manner, describe how you researched the company, profession and industry as a whole. Don't mention that you participated in mock interviews, or worked on public speaking skills, identified your strengths and weaknesses, etc. You want them to get the impression you are always confident, aware and articulate.

It needn't be very difficult to answer to questions in interview situations. Go through other articles on this site for additional tips and ideas for job interviews.

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